Осмокласнички от „Славейков“ с награди от БАН


The eighth-graders from Sofia University “P. R. Slaveykov ”Julide Mutalibova, Emilia Karamfilova and Essien Gurses with research supervisor Antonia Marovska were awarded second place for their research projects in the field of Bulgarian language at the Seventh Student Scientific Session (UNS) of the Student Institute of BAS (UCI-BAS), which take place online on days 10 and  to 12 th November 2020. A total of 190 students, supervisors, consultants and jury members took part in the session. 68 projects / developments were presented in the separate sections. The ranking takes into account not only the content of the paper and the reviewer’s opinion, but also the presentation of the results during the session, as well as the answers to the questions during the discussion after each presentation. The eighth-graders of Antonia Marovska took the second place for their research works related to the Bulgarian literary language. This year’s participation of Julide, Emilia and Essien in the scientific session is a successful debut. The team of their research community believes in their future success and thanks the school management for their support.

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